Aqua Finesse Swim Spa Kit

Aqua Finesse Swim Spa Kit

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The first water treatment product made especially for Swim Spas!

The AquaFinesse Swim Spa Watercare kit contains:

20 week supply of AquaFinesse Swim Spa water care tablets.
Filter Cleaner tablets (10)
Test strips
A swim spa – is it a small pool or a big hot tub? It’s neither.

A Swim Spa presents it’s own unique water treatment challenges and AquaFinesse is the first to design a product to meet those challenges.

Because of the water temperature, larger surface area and exercising that occurs in a swim spa, biofilm build up, water mold and pink slime are common problems in Swim Spas. AquaFinesse will address these problems head-on.

Like all AquaFinesseTM products, The Swim Spa Water Care System is simple and easy to use, providing safe, clean, crystal clear and silk soft water.

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