Spa Life Whirlpool & Tub Rinse

Spa Life Whirlpool & Tub Rinse

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Cleans and degreases the internal plumbing system for jetted baths and hot tubs.

For Spa & Hot Tub:

  • Pour 250ml (half of bottle) into spa or hot tub before draining. Switch pump to high speed for one hour. Drain & resume normal maintenance procedures. Repeat every 2-3 months or as required.

For Whirlpool Baths:

  • Pour 150ml into whirlpool bath filled with hot water. Turn the pump on for 15 minutes. Drain bath & rinse with clean water. Repeat this procedure monthly or as required.

Do not use whirlpool bath or spa/hot tub while flushing. Do not use air controls while flushing.

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